Nautica Global Supply

is a third-generation commodity trading company specializing in minerals. It has become a successful global leader.

With a focus on excellence, innovation, and ethical practices, Nautica has established trusted partnerships worldwide. It sources a high-quality range of minerals, adhering to strict standards.

Operating on multiple continents, the company's global presence and commitment to customer satisfaction ensure continued success in the industry.

Job Creation and Economic Impact

NAUTICA GLOBAL SUPPLY is an esteemed American company that is actively involved in mining, trading and exporting iron ore with a remarkable 62% purity level. Our current operations are mainly concentrated in the northern region of Chile, where we have established a solid presence.

Building on our successful track record in the iron ore sector, Nautica Global Supply LLC has embarked on a new opportunity in the attractive area of the "Lithium Triangle" in northern Argentina. This strategic move marks our expansion into a flourishing market with immense potential for growth and profitability.

Within the "Lithium Triangle"

region, we have acquired and developed three of our own mines, covering a substantial area of ​​5,235 Hectares dedicated to mining activities.

Specifically, our mining operations are concentrated in the prominent SALAR DEL DIABLILLO located in the province of Catamarca, Argentina.

This salt flat holds great promise for the extraction of lithium, an invaluable resource in the global economy.

We want to be a mining company recognized for providing services in the development of livelihoods for all communities.

We seek to develop a model mining through safe, low-cost operations, with innovative technology, with social commitment and respect for the Environment, which creates values ​​for capitalists, employees, the region in which it operates and the State.

Important values:

Trust: We trust our co-workers, without affecting their role or step. We share communication and new notions in an open and honest way to encourage distinction, creativity, as well as continued success.

Integrity: We act appropriately and authentically, we are responsible for our self-determinations and events.

Teamwork: We are a single staff, we value the work of others and we work in a coordinated, complementary and committed way.

Honesty: We express our opinions with honesty and respect.

Professionalism: We carry out our work with highness, we do everything we can to prepare our capacities and we are responsible for what we do.

Continuous Improvement: We accept the challenge of continuous amendment to obtain the maximum capacity and efficiency in our work.

Mutual Respect: We are tolerant and understanding with others to ensure a healthy and fruitful work environment.

Transparency: we maintain communication and respect with all people, we act with responsibility and honesty in all social, professional and personal efforts because we know that every act implies a consequence.

Commitment to Safety, the Environment and Social Responsibility: We value the energy of the inhabitants and we care about their health. We respect our environment and we are responsible to our families, our area and our planet.

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